It’s the way you move across the room. The way you breathe. There is a solemn quiet that exudes beyond us and into time and space. The timeline of our existence breaks down. Disintegrates. You and I are left to look at each other. Maybe I should gain comfort in your smile. And I do. But there is something more beautiful in knowing that whatever we are is outside of time. We have passed beyond the furthest dimension we could imagine. So now we stand here, looking at each other. I’ve never recognized your face the way I do in this light. It glows with a solemn uncertainty that keeps me focused on every emotion that I exude. Like perspiration seeping out my pours, I seep feeling. Pure unadulterated feeling. And you. Who are you to do this to me? But I can’t resist. So I take your hand and we dance. I feel your fingers grab me with a soft intent and suddenly I am connected, the subtleties of your motion direct me from one position to the next. Never have I felt more alive. Here in this moment we infringe upon our morality of conception. We are all connected, so why do we fail to acknowledge

those connections?