When I close my eyes and think of You it’s like nothing else exists in the world.
My heart skips a beat and there is only you and I.   
I never knew you existed. 
I lived my life with no real belief in love, at least not the kind of love we share.  

Every thing I believed before you were in my life I am now seeing was a veil 
I placed across the light of the world to filter out all the darkness. 

You are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

Your smile melts any pain or hurt from my heart and I have been saved.  
With your smile I know that God exists.  

You have changed me.  
I feel the inner foundation of my core rattling, threatening to break apart. 
The dead Earth falling into the sea and the tectonic plates pressing against 
the new foundation to form mountains.

It’s not easy when your core breaks, causing your foundation to give way beneath you.  
It’s like I’m caught in a free fall. 
My stomach is in my chest and I’m choking on all the words I want to say to you.  
But it’s hard to express what you are feeling when the 
pressure of your brain against your skull takes every thought and combines it into one.
When all feeling is swirling around you faster then you are able to account the direction from whence the swift sting of sensation grabbed ahold of your skin.   

I am now confronted with my arrogance as I knew that I could make a changed man out of you 
But I never expected that you could make a changed woman out of me.  
Every love song I ever wrote seems like a premonition.  
A knowledge that one day you would come along and be everything I wrote about. 
But never knew existed.