We met when we were Drowning 
Chains wrapped around our ankles, tied to rocks, that pulled us down
We were both fighting to reach the surface 
But the weight kept pulling us to the Ground

So at the bottom of the ocean 
This is where our eyes first met
All the Panic and Anxiety swept away with the waves
In the darkness and the cold I suddenly felt warmth.  

It’s like your Eyes saw right through me 
and past our misery state
You saw a beauty I had forgotten 
Lost to another time and space
In this Moment the darkness faded
All there was, was You and I
For a moment we were connected 
For a moment everything seemed alright.  

Now when the storms keep shaking 
My Earth to the very core 
I look towards the horizon 
Searching for the shore

You are a BEACON of light in my dark night.