Do I know what love is? You look at me and you see past everything that I have ever known about myself. You see me better then I see myself and accept me more then I accept myself. All the things that scare me mean nothing to you, because you love me. You challenge me to love just by loving me. You whisper some of the most beautiful romanticism I have ever heard, and no they are not from a book or a song they are you speaking to me. If I left would it crush you? I fear that I am cold hearted and do not know how to love and that one day I will walk out the door and watch as you crumble. It will make me sad and it will hurt me, but it won’t stop me. I will leave and I will feed off the pain that hurts my heart I will just watch as all feeling I ever had fades away and I am left with the emptiness that I seem to crave. I have no problem leaving. It is all I know.