Music is my lover 
		So boys you got to understand 
		That to be my man 
		Your game of sweet seduction 
		Inspire the fire 
		That sparks the radio
		That plays within my mind
		To bring me higher and higher.
		Cause I'm an addict baby 
		And this is an addiction that I can't quit
		Its a necessity 
		Without it I can't live.
		So one touch 
		It just ain't enough 
		Cause sensation is a love that I just can't give up.  
		So you got to play me like the instrument I am
		Strum my strings, running scales that sing 
		With the hint of the insane
		Come on baby, you game?
		Cause you see
		Passion rages within my being 
		Causing me to dance
		Forcing me to sing 
		My hands pound against the head of the drum  
		Oh...Come on baby make me cum.... 
		Oh yes...
		Thats it
		When the beat goes that way 
		Taking my mind far away from this place.
		This is the moment I hold true love in my hand 
		This love is so deep
		I don't know what man could comprehend